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Holdem Odds Chart

In texas holdem poker strategy, knowing the odds on the flop of hitting the card you need to make a winning hand is vital to mastering important decision making. When drawing to a straight, flush or full house, you need to be able to quickly count up your outs, convert it to odds and decide based on the action whether it is a good move to call.

Below is an odds chart which quickly shows you the odds of hitting the card you need. You might like to keep this page open when playing online poker as a quick reference guide but it will also do you good to learn how to calculate these odds mentally. For more information on how to calculate and apply the odds below, visit our pot odds page.

Display chances as:        Decimal places:

OutsOn the flop
for the turn
On the turn
for the river
On the flop for the turn
and river combined
1 Out2.13%2.17%4.26%
2 Outs4.26%4.35%8.42%
3 Outs6.38%6.52%12.49%
4 Outs8.51%8.70%16.47%
5 Outs10.64%10.87%20.35%
6 Outs12.77%13.04%24.14%
7 Outs14.89%15.22%27.84%
8 Outs17.02%17.39%31.45%
9 Outs19.15%19.57%34.97%
10 Outs21.28%21.74%38.39%
11 Outs23.40%23.91%41.72%
12 Outs25.53%26.09%44.96%
13 Outs27.66%28.26%48.10%
14 Outs29.79%30.43%51.16%
15 Outs31.91%32.61%54.12%
16 Outs34.04%34.78%56.98%
17 Outs36.17%36.96%59.76%
18 Outs38.30%39.13%62.44%
19 Outs40.43%41.30%65.03%
20 Outs42.55%43.48%67.53%
21 Outs44.68%45.65%69.94%
22 Outs46.81%47.83%72.25%

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