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Hand Rankings

A question often asked by new poker players in the middle of a game is "Which is higher, a straight or a flush?" at which point everyone holding a pair immediately folds! What I'm trying to say is learn the hand rankings before you play seriously as it's vital to know where you stand on the poker ladder! The hands below are ranked from best to worst as you go down the page:

Example: A,K,Q,J,T all one suit
(All cards the same suit and in rank order from ten to ace)

Straight Flush
Example: 9,8,7,6,5 all one suit
(All cards the same suit in rank order)

Four of a Kind
Example: A,A,A,A,K
(Four of a kind and any other card)

Full House
Example: A,A,A,8,8
(Three of a kind AND a pair in the same hand)

Example: A,J,9,3,2 all one suit
(All cards the same suit, regardless of rank)

Example: 9,8,7,6,5 NOT all one suit
(All cards in rank order, regardless of suit)

Three of a Kind
Example: A,A,A,9,7
(Three cards the same and any other two of different rank)

Two Pair
Example: K,K,J,J,3
(Two pairs and one other card of different rank)

Example: Q,Q,7,4,3
(One pair and three other cards of different rank)

High Card
Example: A,T,7,6,5 gives just 'Ace high'
(All cards a different rank)

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